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Origin:  Los Angeles, CA


Genres: Dubstep, EDM, Rock, Metal, Electro-pop


Years Active:  2018- Present



Website: savagewolvez.com

Savage Wolvez is an American nu step musician, producer, and DJ based in Los Angeles, CA.Inspired by modern electronic, hip-hop, and a wide range of rock sub-genres, the music of Savage Wolvez uses heart-stomping bass and blaring guitars that remind you why music is special. Savage Wolvez has the sound to inspire a new direction for modern music. Stay tuned.      

Originally from Portland Maine, Savage Wolvez currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

for inquiries, Contact via: savagewolvez.info@gmail.com


Management, booking & PR inquiries: savagewolvez.info@gmail.com